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Shop Online Pickup in Store

Shop online pickup in store is a game changer when it comes to traveling with a toddler. Kids need a lot of stuff for vacation. Honestly, I need a lot of stuff for vacation too. I don’t have spare room in my suitcase for diapers, wipes, formula, and snacks. Instead, we prefer to use shop online pickup in store to create space in our luggage. I talked about how this helped us not once, but twice in Maui. But we actually use it nearly every time we travel with Declan. Now, I’m going to share my tips and tricks for using shop online pickup in store to make your next trip with a toddler a little easier.


Make a Separate List for Shop Online Pickup in Store

One of my most important tips for a well organized suitcase is to make a packing list. You should also make a list of items you can buy online and pickup at your destination. For us, this usually includes diapers, wipes, formula, and snacks, but it might also include sunscreen, bottled water, and, most importantly, diet pepsi. (Okay, that last one is just for me.) If you can buy it at your destination, don’t pack it. There’s no reason to pay baggage fees for these items since you’ll probably use them all during your vacation.

Find Out Which Stores Offer Shop Online Pickup in Store At Your Destination

We mainly use shop online pickup in store at Target, but Walmart is another popular option. Before you leave for your vacation, visit the Target or Walmart websites and see if there are any locations at your destination.

If there are multiple locations, I recommend choosing the one closest to the airport. That way, you can pick up your bags, pick up your online order, and head straight to your hotel without making a separate trip.

Before your place an order, double check that you’re shopping at your destination. Your browser may automatically select the nearest store to where you live so change it first. And check again before you click submit.

Shop Online Pickup in Store at Target

When using Target, look for items with “free order pickup” when you add them to your cart. Select a store at your destination with the items in stock. Proceed to checkout and submit your order. In my experience, it takes about 1-2 hours for Target to fulfill your order. You’ll receive an email confirming that your items are ready to be picked up. Pick your items up at guest services by showing a photo ID.

Shop Online Pickup in Store at Walmart

Walmart offers two options for shop online pickup in store: pickup today and grocery pickup. Pickup today orders will be ready within 4 hours from the time you place your order. When searching for items, look for those labeled “free pickup today.” Add items to your cart, proceed to checkout, and submit your order. Pick your items up at the Pickup Desk by showing a printed or digital copy of your “Ready for Pickup” email. Orders over $200 require a photo ID.

With Walmart grocery pickup, choose the date and time you want to pick up your order. Select your grocery items from the website or app and a Walmart associate will bring them out to your car. Pickup is free unless you have a rush order. This service is only available in a limited number of cities. To see if it’s available at your destination, visit the Walmart Grocery website.

Shop Online Pickup in Store Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Shop Online With Free Delivery from Amazon Prime Now

A third contender in this market is Amazon Prime Now. Amazon Prime is not the same thing as Amazon Prime Now although they are related. Amazon Prime members have access to Amazon Prime Now which will deliver items directly to you within two hours of ordering online. You place your order from a separate app called “Prime Now.” There are no additional shipping costs for this service, but again it’s only available in a limited number of cities. You can see a full list here on the Prime Now website. This is a great option especially if you’re already a prime member. I just love it when my purchases come to me.

Make Sure The Items You Need Are In Stock

Most parents, myself included, are very picky about which brands they use for their kiddos. This is one of the main reasons I love shop online pickup in store. No more worrying about buying off brand diapers or not finding the right type of formula. If you order ahead of time, the exact products you want will be waiting when you arrive.

Final Thoughts on Shop Online Pickup in Store

You might still need to purchase a few items in person, but with shop online pickup in store you can make your vacation supply run a little easier. Don’t waste precious luggage space with items that are readily available at your destination.

If you shop online pickup in store, you’ll have the items you need and the brands you love waiting for you before you even land.

Make sure to read my 10 Hotel Hacks To Help Your Toddler Sleep (And Keep Everyone Happy) in case you need to add a few more items to your shop online pick up in store order. Or if you’re thinking about traveling without kids, check out Travel Without Kids: Ditch Your Kids and Your Guilt.